Jocelyn Lee Studio



Jocelyn Lee’s images are borne of nature. To walk into a room lit with her work is to look out at the universe itself—planets and moons, bright galaxies, nebulae, dark matter—all of it expanding, so much to examine that we are no mere onlookers but nineteenth-century naturalists engrossed with our telescopes or perusing our cabinets of wonders, our halls of biodiversity…..

For Jocelyn, portraits are a kind of still life, and still-lifes a kind of portrait. It was barely a leap from the troughs to her interest in human bodies, our own temporality, our blooming and fading, our collective stories, which are all the same in the end: we come, we go, wisdom accruing, skin sagging, liquids seeking their level, gases in, gases out, the fruit that we are, the petals of us, the leaves and bark…
— Bill Roorbach, Celestial Bodies, the work of Jocelyn Lee